Ghiraula (घिरौला) per kg

NPR 50.00

Fresh sponge gourd cultivated by the farmers around Pokhara valley with almost no insecticide used. (पोखरा आसपासका क्षेत्र जस्तै बागमरा,हेम्जा,लेखनाथका कृषकद्वरा उत्पादित ताजा घिरौला )


Sponge gourd (Luffa cylindrica) is an important cultivated vegetable and medicinal plant in the family Cucurbitaceae. With a smooth, green skin and ridges, sponge gourd has a creamy-white flesh with a mild, zucchini-like sweet taste and a silky texture Sponge gourd is quite lower in calories. It is contains high amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, thiamine, iron, and magnesium.